Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Little Adoption Update

For a while we were afraid that nothing else would happen with our adoption until Bethany Christian took on their new director in April, but we are happy to say that they have hired someone part time who is doing the rest of our home study! Yay! Last Tuesday Nate and I met with Jessica and yesterday Nate met with her for his one-on-one. My one-on-one meeting will be March 20, and our home visit will be on March 22nd. This means that Jessica will come to our house, look through it to make sure a child would be happy and safe here and talk with our children.
After this home visit, our only other step is an orientation meeting. Unfortunately this meeting won't be set up until the new director comes in, so we're probably looking at a May meeting. After that we'll be completely done with Bethany Christian's adoption process.
We're excited about getting closer to having our name in Bethany Christian's "pot" of waiting families. When we are in this "pot," our only duty will be waiting and praying for the birth mom of our future baby. Please pray with us that she will come soon and choose our family!

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