Wednesday, July 13, 2011


You're my boy, my bundle energy, my tender hearted strong man.
You're the one who opens doors for your sisters both literally and figuratively.
You stretch us.
You love speed and cars and legos and dressing like your daddy.
You are good at all sports--throwing a football with a perfect spiral, hitting balls farther than we thought possible, loving the sandlot games, kicking goals.
You are so strong and heavy and solid.
You love to snack. You'll eat carrots by the bushel and peanuts by the can, and granola bars by the box if we let you.
You love all things art. When you hold a crayon or a pencil or a marker, it becomes a tool for beauty.
You swim.
You run.
You bike.
You ride the four wheeler.
You forget to complain.
And when you're hungry or tired your distress comes out through out-of-control emotion.
You wake up happy most days. You go to bed easily most days. 
You read with an intensity that causes your brow to furrow.
You play the silly man to make your sisters and their friends laugh.
You are always hungry. You love your best buds and continue to love them even when they move away. You love for me to scratch your back at bedtime, and you're favorite song is one I made up about Jacob being a wee little man.
I love you, my buddy, my Jacob man!


Audra said...

And I just love how this boy always wants his mama to see him do all of his latest antics! :)

Nate said...

You can eat almost as much as I can and it won't be long before you can wrestle me to the ground, my baseball playing bud.