Wednesday, July 13, 2011


You're my snuggly one. You're the third, the easy baby, the one who taught us how to really love.
You're the red-headed personality. You love to say really sweet, wonderful things and you love to scream with a blast that can make us all want to run and hide.
Your happy place is in my lap.
You adore your brother and sister with a love that demands full attention.
You are the sensitive one who understands feelings. You can sense that someone needs encouragement or a smile or a wave. You turn heads and cause smiles to appear at the grocery store.

You are a silly one. You love to laugh and will copy the antics of your brother and sister with gales of giggles. 
You love shoes with a passion and try them on liberally throughout the day.
You choose your own clothes and can almost dress yourself already.
You are potty trained and delight in the fact that you can do it by yourself. 
You don't let your own imperfections worry you in the least. 
You are the opposite of uptight, and you seem to know that is what we all need in a little sister.
You love to swim and play with water
and serve us tea.
You love to have your nails painted and your hair fixed and you
 toss your hair with your little hand.
Swirling skirts are very important to you and ballet is your ultimate dream.
(And next week you'll have ballet camp for the first time and make some of those dreams come true!)
You love princesses; you love them because they sing and wear pretty dresses and have long hair. 
You love books and dolls (all with names) and your pink blanket.

Your blue eyes and coy smile can charm the uncharmable.
You love to take your daddy's face in your hands and give him a big smack. 
If Momma's not pleasing you, you might decide to scream very loudly for Daddy, as if he can hear you from work.
You are my armful of  hugs and kisses, my sunshine.


Audra said...

I just love this girl's sparkly-eyed, mischievous smile! =D

Nate said...

Your the best doctor I've ever had. And sometimes, I think I can hear you from my office.