Friday, May 14, 2010

Date with Naomi

Tuesday I was privileged to take Naomi on a Mother-Daughter date. It was great fun to be focused on her (and not on her schooling, keeping the other kids entertained, and cleaning the house all at once!)
We went to the Creative Discovery Museum and then to Chile's for lunch. It was great! I'm so glad I used our last Tuesday of MDO for this. I can't believe we haven't done more stuff like this with homeschooling, but the year is basically over!
And yes we had the Lava Cake for dessert! For anyone who's interested I've now tried the chocolate cake at Meeting Place, Blacksmith's, Chile's, (add in a few more places that I've forgotten!), and J. Alexander's. And yes, J. Alexander's "Very Best Chocolate Cake" is the very best chocolate cake I've ever tasted at a restaurant.

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Audra said...

Oh, how fun! Glad you two have a fun time out. =D