Monday, May 10, 2010

Naomi's Artwork

I'm guilty of posting more of Jacob's art on the Osterfive than Naomi's. Here is an update on some of hers. She is much more likely to create with a multi-diminsional medium than with only crayons. Give her only crayons and she's stuck, but give her paper and markers and tape and glitter glue and paint and stickers and she can go to town.
These are two that she helped to create during Small Group. She helped to trace the other kids' hands and then put her own name front and center.
This is what Naomi came up with when we painted on large sheets of paper outside. Jacob, who is great with crayons and a small piece of paper, was completely distracted by the big paper and the paints. He ended up mixing the paints together and painting his hands and arms brown. Naomi LOVES to paint and the more colors and glitter the better.
Another thing that Naomi does really well is write. She did these completely on her own during her time in her room. I love the fact that she made one for Jacob too.
This was my Mother's Day card from Naomi. I Love It! It says "The Osters" if you can't read it. Maybe it should be our new blog header?

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Audra said...

LOL! I LOVE the last picture of The Osters. Did Nate turn into Fabio????