Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More SNOW!

Yes, that does mark about 4 1/2 inches; that was nearly 2 hours ago, and it's still snowing!
She begged, so even though she's still sick, she got to go out for a few minutes.
Making a snow man (and later his dog) at the neighbor's house.
WOW! at the snow!


Lisa said...

Whoa. You guys got a lot of snow! We go an inch of so, but those big fluffy flakes were so pretty! Hard to believe the altitude makes that much difference! (I hope this is the last of the snow for this winter).

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

Isn't it beautiful?! I wondered how many inches we got - I guess 4-5 inches, but now I know! =D Hope you guys are doing better.

mom2six said...

We only had flurries here. Your pictures are so lovely.

Mommy Is Green said...

Looking really cold in that second photo. Makes me want to shiver. Lol! :)