Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas at Home

Aren't they cute?
Family Pic, Christmas Day 2009
Jacob woke up before Naomi and was told, "You can open your gifts when Naomi wakes up." When Naomi stumbled sleepily through the doorway, Jacob began heartily ripping into his first gift. He had one opened before we even knew what was going on!
Naomi said her favorite gift was her hair dryer and make up mirror!
Jacob's "big" gifts were a marshmallow shooter and a bunch of boy dress up.
Bethany sporting her new Tinker Bell costume and showing off her Noah's Ark blocks.
Lest you think Bethany is always smiling, here she is after we took took the (half-eaten) bag of gold fish away. If she could, Bethany would tell you that the gold fish in her stocking were her FAVORITE gift at home!
Ninja Turtle Jacob
Fireman Bethany

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T and B Rowe said...

love all the dress up presents you got for Jacob - they made me laugh.