Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bethany's Language Development

The chord to hook up our new camera to our computer is in St. Louis (totally my fault for leaving it!), so there are no wonderful pics of us with our beautifully big snowman in STL to share and no pics of today's snow here in GA to show either. They will come soon!

But I can share the latest words that Bethany has been using. Her vocabulary is definitely increasing daily, and though I still have to translate a little for her, she is doing pretty well.
Here's a short list of the words I can think of right now:
Jay juh--Jacob
Die Dee--Diaper
Joo or Joos--Juice
Bookuh (with a very German gutteral "k" sound)--Book
Potty--One of her favorites. She asks to go potty and wants to sit on the toilet fully clothed and then wipe with lots of toilet paper. Yesterday when Nate got home from work she asked if he needed to go potty ("Potty daddy?") and when he answered in the positive, she asked if she could tag along ("Wi you potty?").
Baby--Still a favorite word and toy. She LOVES to carry baby and find baby a blanket ("bankeh") and changed baby's die dee and give baby joo, etc.
Basically she can say anything she wants to and most of the time it comes out recognizable. The only word I can't figure out is "yowee." At first I thought she was saying "yellow," but that doesn't really fit in most contexts. She talks about "yowee" mostly when she is reading a "bookuh." Does anyone have any clues??


Anonymous said...

Yowee = you read (books)

Lisa said...

Ooh, Anonymous, good thinking. I bet you're right! She is talking so much, it was fun to hear it the other day.

diber said...

or cat, my Marlowe calls cats "meowie" and when he wants to read Goodnight Moon asks for "meowie".