Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Trip to AL

One of the big attractions at AL this trip was building bird houses with Granna!

Another big attraction (as always) was listening to Granna read stories until she was hoarse. I think it took about 7 golden books after we first arrived. 

For some reason, Jacob was really tired this trip.


Bethany is ticklish almost everywhere--including her back.

The third big attraction was a new F-150! Sorry, Nate, it's not for you. Thanks Grandad for a great toy to play with at your house! And thanks, Grandaddy for helping to put it together.

It was so great to see our family!

When Bethany first saw Jorja (her cousin) all she wanted to do was pet her, kind of like she oohs and aahs and wants to pet Dixie. Jorja wasn't so thrilled.


Joy said...

I love that picture of Bethany in the blue hat--her eyes are just beautiful! So sweet, glad you had a good trip.

Lisa said...

SO precious! What a great idea, those birdhouses. I love the pic of Bethany with her hat on, sitting outside.