Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Our Family

1. We love being a family of five!
2. Bethany talks!
3. Jacob loves to build train tracks and the rest of us love to help. Most days there is an intricate train track laid out in one room or the other.
4. Naomi reads!
5. Nate's newest app on his iPhone is one that gives quotes from Mr. T to fit all kinds of occasions. His favorite? "I pity the fool" of course.
6. Olivia is teaching two ballet classes on Tuesdays and enjoying having Naomi in her class.
7. Naomi and Jacob have time in their room for an hour and a half every day. They spend a little of it in their own beds playing quietly then they play together for the rest of the time.
8. Jacob's favorite toys are still his Lightning McQueen cars, and Naomi's favorite toys are still her Princess Polly Pockets. Bethany's favorite toy is anything she can put in her mouth.
9. Over the holidays Nate had the joy of showing the kids the 4th Star Wars movie. Light sabers, Yoda, and the force are now common dinner time conversation.
10. Nate and Olivia both attend Bible Studies at Lookout Mountain Pres and we're loving them. Nate's is studying a curriculum on being a man of God and Olivia's is studying 1st and 2nd Thessalonians.
11. Jacob loves his mother's day out class at LMPC. His favorite teacher is Miss 'Becca.
12. Our dog Dixie is overweight. She often comes inside now and is very stinky, but we love her anyway!
13. Olivia still loves to read. Yes, you could even say she's addicted. Her favorite kind of book now is fantasy fiction because she's a romantic and she loves the way fantasy fiction admits that there is more to life than what we can see.
14. Naomi and Jacob are learning about the digestive system and nutrition during lunch-times at home. They can tell you all about vitamins and mineral, carbs, and sphincter muscles. After learning that vitamins and minerals help your cuts heal, Naomi now goes to get an apple or a carrot when she gets a cut or a scrape.
15. Naomi and Jacob love to play outside especially with the neighbor kids Liza and Stephen.
16. Bethany can really get around in her walker.
17. Bethany does NOT like to be on her belly. She can roll over now, but she still doesn't do it very often.
18. Nate and Olivia put the kids to bed early because they are often very tired themselves. Bedtime is 7:15 for Bethany and 7:30 for the big kids.
19. Nate and Olivia have both been going to Covenant's gym to work out. And they are encouraging each other to eat better--even trying to consume less chocolate. THAT is a hard one!
20. Naomi really loves shoes. She often wears a different pair every day of the week. She often gets frustrated with her mother for not wearing high-heels to church.
21. We all love our house and Olivia has (see #13) nicknamed it "The Castle."
22. Nate's favorite toy is his iPhone. 
23. Olivia just got new glasses.
24. Naomi and Jacob both have chores to do around the house. Lately Naomi has added vacuuming to her list of chores. She loves it and Olivia is thrilled.
25. Nate, Olivia, Naomi, Jacob, and Bethany are looking forward to a short trip to Alabama soon and a slightly longer trip to St. Louis when Grandpa and Grandma's house is finished. 


Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

I totally feel like a slacker after reading this. :P
I love the part about Naomi getting veggies to help her scrapes! So cute!

McClureFamily said...

New glasses? How much fun! I want to see a picture.

Lisa said...

Ditto Corrie, I want to see the new glasses too. And what happened to contacts? Personally I don't think your list is very "random," but maybe that's because I know you guys too well! I heart the Oster 5!