Monday, February 29, 2016


The move was harder on the children than I ever thought it would be. They mourned the loss of our old house even as we enjoyed the crazy amazing gifts of the new house: giant play room, fun woods to explore, and a POOL! Bethany seemed to especially feel the move. One day months after the move, she came in from playing, laid her head on the kitchen counter and said miserably, "I want to go home." I was a little confused, so I replied, "We are home, baby." She just said, "No, I want to go HOME!" She eventually said, "To our real house, the yellow one."
One way Bethany's hard times come out is through screaming fits. I though we were all done with these about a year ago, but they resurfaced with a vengeance after the move. We spank for foolish fits, but I knew that we needed more.
And that I had to get creative.
Enter Veritas.
Bethany and I took a date to Tennessee Aquarium and purchased a purple penguin with a rhinestone heart. I told her that her name was Veritas and that means "truth" in Latin. Then we spoke some important truths over Veritas.
Bethany is loved more than she can ever know.
Bethany is a sinner and she has an amazing Savior who died to save her from those sins.
Bethany is an important member of our family and we love her very much.
Bethany's siblings know that she is cool and talented and beautiful and they love her very much.
Even as much as we love her here at home, Jesus loves her far, far more.
So now when she feels the fits coming on, she is supposed to go hold her cute Veritas and remember truth.

We introduced Veritas to the real penguins.

Then we took Veritas out for her first meal of macaroni and cheese.

and ice cream

I can't really say we've had perfect success since Veritas came home, but I can say that things are remarkably better. The fits come less, Bethany is quicker to remind herself (and us) of truth, and Veritas looks great in American Girl Doll clothes. ; )

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed spending several nights with you all recently!! You are all very special and have welcoming and loving spirits......Loved spending time with all of you! (Tell Bethany I also enjoyed meeting Veratas!!) Love you all!! Aunt Kim