Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Birthday, Naomi!

This Girl

The first

The oldest



Manicure with Annah

And Taco Mamacita!

And Clumpies

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

Presents on the Morning Of

And candles in her pancakes

Presents from Grandma

You might notice me being a bit speechless about this one.
I am.
What is one to say about the magic of the oldest? When she smiles, I see her 11yo horse-loving, reading-all-the-time, big sister self as clear as can be. But when she's serious, I see her at 22. And when she looks down, I see her at 3. And when she's sleeping I remember the chubby baby I used to hold. 
It is wonderful to be her mother.

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Audra said...

I LOVE this post! Look at that beautiful girl! :) She is growing up so fast. And how you described seeing her at all of her various ages is something I haven't quite been able to put into words over here with my daughters. Thanks for that insight!