Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bennet Farms

Last year right before we left for Uganda we visited Alabama and went to a fall farm for the day. The whole day all we could think about was bringing the boys there next year. Well, now it's next year, and the boys have visited the farm. : )
corn bin

dusty boy

hay maze

hay ride

this pic is "essence of Naomi"

And here's one pic from Eden Thistle, where Naomi takes horseback lessons. We had a funny story from our trip out there on Friday. We usually bring our lunch and schoolwork and use the back of the van as a picnic/schooling place with the back hatch open. Well, after we had eaten, one of the horses came right over and tried to climb in the back of the van with us. He seemed twice as large with his curious head sticking into our van! We eventually had to use his training flag to get him to leave the van alone. Amos loved waving his flag at him and watching him obediently back away.

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