Sunday, March 16, 2014

Uganda Memories

These pictures were sent from the current pastor of the church where Caleb and Amos's birth father preached before he passed away. I'm pretty sure that the lady with the baby in the pink dress in these first three pictures is their birth mother--holding Caleb's older birth sister and pregnant with Caleb.

When Caleb saw this picture, he said, "This will bite you!!" He is talking about the metal sheeting that forms the walls of his old church. I don't know whether that was a warning given that made a strong impression or if he learned that lesson the hard way, but it definitely stuck with him!

A really big adoption journey revelation from this week happened on a normal ride down the mountain to pick up Bethany from her tutorial. Naomi mentioned that a girl in her SS class had gotten her hair cut off in the back. This triggered a memory for Caleb. 
He blurted out, "When Patience [his older sister] was little, her hair grew out and Mommy cut it off. Daddy got mad and spanked her!"
I asked, "Was that a real spanking or a silly one?!"
"A silly one," he replied with a big grin. "And then Daddy picked up Ndagire [his younger sister]--she was a little baby--climbed a tree and left her there. Mommy got sad and climbed up to get her."
He was grinning and giggling and enjoying this memory.
We talked a little more about Mommy Mbabazi and Daddy Walagembe and then he started telling us stories about the huge robots that he made in Uganda who fought with another robot and then made a tree fall on his house. And then Mommy Mbabazi said, "Robot, please help me put my house back together. And the robot said, "Ok, I will." And all was well.
I love hearing his stories, real or otherwise, and seeing into his heart and mind just a little bit more clearly!

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Audra said...

How precious that you have these pics! And I love Caleb's memories and that all of these are beginning to spill out of his mouth. :) Amos has grown SOOOOOO much!