Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas! #5

Christmas gift-giving with Grandpa, Grandma, Jon, Abby and Maddy was a crazy, chaotic and wonderful time!

Bethany got a new American Girl Doll (Thanks, Grandma!)

First bike!

Every day when Maddy would arrive, she and Bethany would run off to Bethany's room to play. Other than crazy running (or riding) through the house, we rarely saw them! They are great friends!

first car

The boys loved getting to know everyone, and they fit right in with all our craziness!

One of the days the STL gang was here, we visited the Creative Discovery Museum.

a few more shoes than usual

Grandad gifted us a membership to the CDM, so I see some happy days of playing in the sand in our future!

this is one happy dude!

On New Year's Eve, we visited the pool at Jon, Abby and Maddy's hotel. I think we've found our New Year's Eve traditions! 
Swimming and...

ice cream!

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