Friday, October 11, 2013

Adoption Update

So we're waiting again.
We waited for a baby. (2 1/2 years)
Then we waited to be chosen for a domestic adoption. (1+ year)
Then we waited to be matched with our Ugandan boys. (a few months)
Then we waited to get our paperwork finished. (a few more months)
Then we waited to get the affidavit and send it in. (a month and a half)
Can I just say that at every part of the waiting, as excruciating as it was, God has been present and active. And He has a good plan for all this waiting! As a good friend just pointed out today, out little Amos wasn't even born when we started this process. Wow! God is good.
This time it really does seem to be the last stage of the waiting. All of the completed paperwork is sitting on a busy Ugandan judge's desk waiting to be signed and given a court date. When that happens, we will be notified and we will:
1. Have a dance party in pure joy!
2. Buy 5 round trip humanitarian flights to Uganda.
3. Pack our bags.
4. Go get our boys!
This date could be as soon as the end of October, though as the days pass and we still don't know it, I begin to think November is more rational. We will see.
We would love to go around the end of October (well, I would love to leave tomorrow, really!) and be back by Thanksgiving, but that is another big "We'll see!" Maybe it would be nice to have some holiday time there since Nate has no time off and will be busy in every spare moment getting his job done on the internet.
Anyway, we could definitely use your prayers. We so want to introduce these boys to all of you when we get home!

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