Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

The Father's Day card--the kids made a word puzzle all about daddy (with Granna's help--thanks, Granna!)
And the Father's Day gift--a Mexican Black Kingsnake

The snake's happy home

Some pics of the snake's first meal at home--he really went after the "pinky" (baby mouse).

Nate is really happy with his gift, but the kids are over-the-top ecstatic. I know a lot of people would never dream of allowing a snake to join the family, but when it makes everyone so very, very happy, there's really no question! He's going to be a great pet!
(Oh, by the way, the name's still up for debate. I suggested Aragorn--because he's a king we all like OR Nebuchadnezzar--because he's a king with a great name. Nate is also thinking about Montezuma because he was a Mexican king--and it would be kind of funny to call him Monty Kingsnake instead of Monty Python.)
Happy Father's Day to the greatest dad! We are so thankful for you!

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