Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life from Naomi's View

We're finally beginning to download some pictures from the kids' new cameras.
It's fun to see life a little more from their view.
These pics are all from Naomi's new camera. (Thanks, Grandma!)

These are from our trip to the Aquarium a few weeks ago. We talked about seahorses--learning all kinds of interesting facts like
* Sea horse daddies carry the babies
*Sea horses have two skeletons: one inside their bodies and one outside
*Sea horses can use their tiny dorsal fins to swim or they can float along with the current.
*Sea horses use their tails to hold onto things.
*Sea horses are a fish that eat almost constantly sucking in food through their long snout.
*Sea horse cousins include the Pipe Fish and the Sea Dragon.

At the aquarium we also caught a bird show that was very entertaining.
I believe this would be a picture illegally obtained by sticking one's hand and camera outside the family room window.

Naomi has a thing for her bed! There were dozens of pictures of different views of her bed.

Bethany took this pic of Naomi before our ballet clinic on Friday about Beatrix Potter ballets.
We learned that ballets tell a story through
and Props.
Bethany and Ari after the clinic.

Naomi asked me to take this one of her cute style.

Myra's new dress that Granna whipped out on a visit on Thursday and Friday.

Naomi's handmade camera bag.
Guess who likes to mimic her mom's fetish for taking pictures of food?
(pancakes Saturday morning)
And since I was at the spa (!!!) with Lisa on Saturday, I'm really glad Naomi got some pics of our yard with our little bit of snow.

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