Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

Happy 7th Birthday, Buddy!
September 12 fell on a very busy day this year, so we stretched the partying over two days.
On the 12th we had our traditional presents and candles in the pancakes breakfast.
Then we did history with daddy and headed down to the aquarium for our first Ocean Class down there.
Later that afternoon the kids had their first choir classes.
Jacob chose hotdogs for dinner and we rounded out our day with a few presents from Grandma.
(Thanks for all the presents, Grandma!!)
On the 13th, Granna and Aunt Kim arrived after we did our schooling for the day.
We decorated for the party and then welcomed 8 of Jacob's good friends for a Phineas and Ferb party!

Thanks everyone for the fun gifts!
Thank you Granna for such awesome presents!
And thanks again Grandma (we saved some for the party.)

The main event of the party was using duct tape and boxes and pvc pipes to build creations in the yard.
(Just like Phineas and Ferb)
Thanks to everyone who came!
Jacob had a great birthday.


the_blissful_mommy said...

YESSSSSSSS! Phineas and Ferb?!?! I love it. :) Makes me feel like we were there. miss you!!!! Happy birthday, Jacob :)

the_blissful_mommy said...

YESSSSSS!!!! Phineas and Ferb?!?! I love knowing this! Makes me feel like we were there :)
Happy 7th Jacob!
the Downes tribe