Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last Couple of Weeks and A Little Adoption Update

I know, I know, I'm a lazy bum and haven't posted pics in ages. Forgive me, and enjoy!
Ballet Camp 2012

Saying "Happy Birthday, Uncle Aaron!"

Playing with friends
Water Steps

Caldwell's Pool

Aquarium with friends
And water steps again--here you see some great friends, completely tuckered out. They stayed just like this for about 20 minutes as they listened to Naomi recap Parent Trap (the old one) that we watched on our family movie night a couple of nights before.
Spend-the-night with Ella
And a little adoption update:
We are officially a waiting family. This means that our profile information is live on Bethany Christian's website and if any girls came in who might be open to choosing our family, they might be handed our profile book to consider. What this means for us is that we could get a call today...or three years from today saying that we have been chosen and our baby is coming soon.
So we could definitely use prayers for our daily emotional roller coaster and prayers that God's perfect will would be done in this.
Also--a HUGE praise. We have been awarded a matching grant through Lookout for Orphans and Lifesong. This means that many/most of you will soon be receiving a fund raising letter telling you that everything you give towards our remaining $13,000 adoption cost will be matched by Lifesong. Hurray!
Thank you to all who are praying steadfastly for our family in this time. I am feeling it now through the excitement about oncoming homeschooling and the contentment I feel with our house, our family, and our waiting.

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Audra said...

PRAISE GOD from whom all blessings flow!!!!! =D This is wonderful news.