Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yay for Camp Hidden Hollow

Traditionally, the last day of Camp Hidden Hollow the (tired) campers get to show their families around the camp. 
We enjoyed our tour!

At camp the kids got to:
go to chapel each morning for a Bible lesson and singing
ride horses
learn how to groom horses
swim in the lake
swing on a rope swing into the lake
find sticks in the woods and roast marshmallows
shoot bows and arrows
play lots of games
get to know some really great counselors
picnic every day
wade in the creek

spend time with best friends
learn the counselors nicknames like,
and Bug
and Ninja
and Skittles
and John Deere
and Cowboy.
It was a wonderful, wonderful week!

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Audra said...

This sounds like an awesome week! I've only heard wonderful things about that camp and glad you have wonderful things to say too! :)