Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bethany's Daily Art

Bethany now spends large amounts of time with a marker and a huge stack of paper turning out picture after picture. Each pic has a story. The above is a flower.

This is a playground--each section has a line for playing--something like ping pong, I think.

This is a tomb with a ladder.

a ladder and a slide

The left part of this is a rocking chair and a tv.
The right part is a flower.

This is the earth.

a flower

Not all of this one was explained, but the bue part is "a table that bounces like a trampoline with a ladder on top of it."

Yesterday, B began to sign her pictures. This is a safe place for mommas, daddies and babies to rest.

Playground with slide and bouncy areas

elaborate slide

This is an apple and a play ground.

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