Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas at Home

Christmas Party at Home 2011--
We have a few traditions for our home Christmas
the kids each get three presents under the tree
and we stuff their stockings and then hide them around the house before we look at what's in them.
Bethany's three gifts were
A Veggie Tales karaoke cd player
A Curious George Collection with book and cds
The Lion King blu-ray/dvd
Naomi's three were:
A wonderful collection of Roald Dahl books
11 Webkinz stuffed animals
Soul Surfer blu-ray/dvd
Jacob's three were:
The Bat Cave (thanks Downes boys for the suggestion)
Cars 2 blu-ray/dvd
A set of Level 2 and 3 books about Thomas, Lightning McQueen, and Transformers

After opening presents and having monkey bread and bacon, we ran an errand and went to Sticky Fingers for lunch. We spent the evening watching The Nativity, another tradition (and a great movie!).

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Audra said...

Looks like a fun, sweet, family Christmas. :)