Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sarasota!! #1

For my birthday Nate took me down to Sarasota to see my good friend Esty.
We left the kids with Granna.
Sunshine Skyway Bridge
But the best thing about that bridge, was...
that it was taking me to Esty's house!!
First sunset at Esty's own personal beech (hee hee), the actual most beautiful beach in the U.S.
Siesta Key Beach

Met a little friend on a biking trip with Nate

Introducing the beautiful (and talented) Rissa!

And the bathing beauties

Can it get any better than this? 
We're already planning a trip back!
the Graham man
and Ethan Baby (not so Baby anymore)

Just over the left shoulder...
Yes, those are knee socks and a metallic bathing suit.


Audra said...

Beautiful pictures! So glad you guys got to go . . . a little jealous, but mostly happy for you. ;) Hope you get to go again soon!

the_blissful_mommy said...

YES! The metallic knee socks! Epic!!!!! These all make me mis you so much!!!!!!!!! COme back soon!!! xoxoox Love you