Sunday, October 24, 2010

Naomi Goes to Disney World 2

Naomi and Grandad had a wonderful time at Disney World!
Some highlights for Naomi were watching cartoons on the airplane, seeing Cinderella's castle, getting Ariel's signature, going to China, going on a safari in the Animal Kingdom (not pictured above), eating at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, meeting people from so many different countries, swimming in the hotel pool, and being with Grandad!
Grandad and Naomi were able to visit the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, the Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. They took each day pretty easy, and at Naomi's suggestion, swam in the hotel pool for their "break time." Naomi enjoyed being pretty much a princess: ordering whatever food she wanted, buying presents for the family (thanks! Naomi and Grandad!), and staying up late. One night Grandad shared his Kit-kat with Naomi after their late dinner and had the fun of watching her get extremely hyper and silly. That was her latest night, and she wrote in her journal (also where she got character's signatures) "I will not go to bed until the clock says 11:00 EVERY NIGHT." Grandad said that she missed being silly with her daddy at home, and I think she missed us all. Grandad allowed her to use an extra cell phone of his and she called home pretty much every morning and every night.
Thanks, Grandad, for this wonderful experience for Naomi. She loved it, and will treasure her memories there forever!

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