Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old Wounds

I was supposed to post these a long time ago (like maybe when this actually happened!) but here they are. The butterfly bandage above is covering a super glued deep gash that has, amazingly, healed very nicely (see pics from more recent days to confirm, worried grandparents!)
She was a trooper through the whole process of falling, thinking about going to the ER for stitches, and then deciding just to let Mr. Mark help super glue her wound. 


Tooje said...

I always think it's so amusing how little kids react to wounds. If they get the teeniest nick or scrape, they react like the world's largest building just fell on them. But something that requires super glue or stitches? They sit perfectly still or quiet and take it all in. Like angels. Kids make me laugh. :)

I'm blog hopping today - Happy Monday!

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! You have a beautiful family and they look like they are having a blast this summer! So sorry she got such a nasty gash on the chin. Mine got a nasty gash on the forehead a few months back. Maybe we should just wrap them up in bubble wrap!!