Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Naomi's Birthday/Thanksgiving

During the Thanksgiving festivities at Grandma's house, we held a little party for Naomi.
Naomi's princess table
Jacob and Bethany and Grandma
Abby and Maddy (and Jacob)
Grandpa and Grandma Street
Thanksgiving with the family
singing to Naomi
Knowing that the kids would be having plenty of sweets otherwise, I made Naomi's cupcakes applesauce muffins with icing. You can see how well that went over. They attacked the icing and left the slightly healthy muffin alone!
Naomi got a new scooter from Grandpa and Grandma!
You can tell Naomi was excited about getting this necklace and earring set from Abby and Maddy!
Silly Grandpa!
And here's a gift that will get used every day! (Really, she's worn them every day!) High heels from Grandma!


Kay Pugh said...

Happy Birthday, Naomi, I love the high heels.

Lisa said...

Those shoes are awesome! Sophie wants some now! Happy bday to Naomi!