Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Castle School

It was Gardner and Rebecca's b'day on Sunday, so we celebrated with candles and home-made hats. Naomi is really enjoying going through Little House in the Big Woods with these girls. This week we had a dance party, drew animal tracks, tasted hasty pudding, and bought toys at a play store. Next week we're going to read an on-line counting book about things found in the Little House books and reenact a fighting scene between Laura and Mary. We're also planning to take a trip to a local farm!


Kim said...

"So cute! Wide brim hat idea: Open newspapers, stack several on top of the other, place on childs head with head in will press around childs head to form to head....take off, spray paint, cut edges to even up....decorate with ribbon, silk flowers, etc. We did this at Mother's Day at school for a tea party for easy and cute! You can cut a short brim for boys.....Kids loved it!"

Olivia said...

Great idea, Kim! Thanks! Keep those coming whenever you get a chance to comment!