Friday, July 24, 2009

Pillow Case Dresses

My mom has recently discovered a gift for making pillow case dresses. After she made all her grand-daughters seven or eight a piece, she just couldn't stop! She has made dresses in a small (I'm guessing 9-18 mos.) medium (18 mos. to 2/3 yrs.) and large (4 to 6 years). She's looking to sell these as play dresses or night gowns for $8 to $12 a piece. If anyone is interested in buying one of these dresses, let me know, she's going to leave them with me for a few weeks. Thanks!
Top to bottom, left to right: L, M, L (and there's a small in this one too), M, L, M
This dress is a small.

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Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

So cute! Are there any that match in the 2T or 3T sizes? I'd love to get matching ones for Ariana and Ellie to wear at the beach! =D I'd love to look at them even if there aren't any matching ones....

Good work, Miss Kay! =D