Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gideon's Torch

"...A Christian must be a sign of contradiction to the world...A Christian is one who all his life chooses between good and evil, lies and truth, love and hatred, God and Satan...Today more than ever there is a need for our light to shine, so that through us, through our deeds, through our choices, people can see the Father who is in Heaven." Jerzy Popieluszko, 1947-1884

Even before Charles Colson published his book Gideon's Torch in 1995, he had to include a disclaimer that anything in the book that echoed reality was inadvertent. Now there are even more parallels between reality and the fictional situations in his book.
 After an abortion doctor is killed, the new President of the US decides that he must crack down on the "terrorist anti-abortionists" that are responsible. But since they cannot find the actual killer, they make the entire pro-life movement the brunt of harassment and arrests. Far-fetched, right? Just look at this quote featured in the Patriot Post's Chronicle today:
"Is [Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius] gonna get through the, the terrorism of the, of the anti-abortion people?" --MSNBC's Chris Matthews
Let our light shine and let our choices show the Father who is in Heaven!


Lisa said...

Sickening. So sad. Heaven awaits...

Brandon Harris said...

"I'm half-way through Colson's book "How Now Shall We Live". It's about the fight between the contrasting worldviews of Christianity and Postmodernism. The book was written in 1999, and I'm seeing the same prophetic tendencies as in "Gideon's Torch". Here in the "bible belt", we Christians tend to become lax, not really being persecuted outside of the occasional poke for being a "churchy" person. I fear we've lost our missional mindset. We're under attack, and we don't even know it, or apparently care. Darwinism is being taught as fact in our schools, which in turn so greatly reduces the value of human life (because we're all just lumps of molecules after all) that why bother with worrying about what's right and wrong. I'm afraid we're headed down a dark road."