Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Jeep Returns

Bethany loves going out to watch the big kids play!

This has to be one of the Oster kids' favorite toys ever! When we moved into our house on Princess Trail, we discovered that Naomi could drive this jeep anywhere, including up the road to a neighbor's house. After a few dozen times of taking that trip though, the tires were completely in shreds. We just purchased new tires and THE JEEP RETURNS! Naomi had to relearn her driving skills, but now she's as fast and risky as ever. She's the only five year old (and she could do this when she was three!) I know who can do a quick, tight three-point turn!

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Lisa said...

All bundled up they look like they're getting too big almost for that jeep! I love the 2nd pic of Bethany. Beautiful little baby!