Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Newsletter

“The Kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!” Rev. 11:15

This month we look at our Savior as a babe and as Emmanuel, but we are certainly not limited to that! His first coming is a time of celebration for many reasons, one of which is He is coming again soon! I love the Christmas story—the originality of a King coming to such lowly people in such a lowly place. May you think of this kind of Kingdom as you serve the King this coming year.

Our family has grown the Kingdom this year by growing itself. We added a little Bethany girl to our number, and we have never been happier as a family. She is a sweet pea with her early smiling and her ready laughter. Naomi and Jacob adore her and rejoice with each new success—sitting up, eating baby food, and (you can argue if you want, but she is very consistent about saying it at the right times) saying her first word, “Hey.” Bethany loves her siblings as well, but the light in her eyes is brightest for her daddy.
Naomi has just finished her first semester of kindergarten and she loves it! She can read many things and is beginning to experiment with creative writing. She is ever the little mother, teaching Jacob how to buckle his own seat belt and how to be gentle with Bethany. Naomi loves all things feminine—princesses, dresses, jewelry (she got her ears pierced for her birthday), and shoes. When asked what her favorite things are she replied, “Dixie, the Christmas tree, Jacob, and Bethany. That’s all.”
Jacob is a ball of energy. In a typical three-year-old way, he gets frustrated that his brain and body aren’t always as coordinated as he wishes them to be, but for the most part, he is happily growing and learning. He now recognizes much of the alphabet and can spell and write his name. His forte, though, is numbers. He is always surprising me by what he knows! When asked what his favorite things are he replied, “Lightening McQueen, Sheriff, Mac, army people, and the letter J.”
I am enjoying three children (most of the time) and busy being wife, momma, housekeeper, cook, and event coordinator. I still devour books, love to spend time talking and watching movies with Nate, and cherish my quiet times. This year I have enjoyed doing a little nature photography as well as writing poetry; together those led to self-publishing a poetry book, which has always been a dream of mine.

Nate works hard every day so he can come home and be a jungle gym for the kids. If he had spare time, he would enjoy practicing his guitar, reading history books and watching more movies. He loves getting up early and having his own quiet time to drink coffee and read Scripture. He’s still hoping that some day he may even get a few chores done around the house.

As a family, we love being part of this Kingdom and serving this King. May you enjoy the anniversary of His birth and be blessed in the coming year!

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