Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Naomi's Curls

I can't remember when the subject of the curls was first brought up, but Naomi has been talking about curling her hair for months. A couple of weeks ago, I finally bought some sponge curlers, and last night I finally made myself take the time to put them in Naomi's damp hair before bedtime. I was a little skeptical that she would make it through the night with them in, but she made it! I was also a little doubtful about the outcome of curlers in her hair, but that too was a foolish worry. She looks too cute!
I distinctly remember my mom (thanks, mom!) putting curlers in my hair one night before elementary school. The next morning, I looked like "little orphan Annie." My mom warned me that the kids at school would laugh, but I think that "little orphan Annie" was exactly the look I was going for! I proudly wore those curls to school, and I just looked the other way when the kids laughed. Naomi was just as proud of her curls today. Maybe she'll remember this someday and take the time to pass on the legacy of the curls to her daughter. : )

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Lisa said...

Oh my! Those curls are beautiful! What a fun mom you are. I remember doing that as a little girl too. Maybe someday I will get to do it with my girls.