Monday, October 13, 2008

Three Mamas, Eight Kids

Corrie, Lisa, and I got together this past Thursday and Friday for a much-needed Girl's Night.

Searching for quiet, we borrowed a few other moms (who stayed with their kids and ours--a collective NINE kiddos) and found a fancy tea room. We had scones, tiny sandwiches, cake, and of course, lots of tea.

Bethany, Lisa, and Ellie Wright.

When we got to Lisa's house, we set up our bouncy thing to help entertain all those kids. It was an immediate success.

I think that this was the closest we got to having a pic of all the kids. The youngest two (Ellie and Bethany) were napping. This is Jacob, Charlie Wright, Jenna McClure, Naomi, Sophie McClure (on the floor) and Sophie Wright (standing up). Naomi and Jenna have the posing thing down. Everyone else, not so much. : )

"Hey guys, look up here for a picture!"

"Charlie, I think there's a big bird in the sky!"

Sophie McClure

Feeding the masses

A very Corrie look. Corrie, you're so cute!

"Rest" time. Notice that Bethany is glued to the TV just like all the other kids.

Jenna McClure. So sweet!

Charlie Wright as Buzz Lightyear.

Jacob as Buzz too.

Two lovely princesses.

Sophie Wright.
I didn't get a good picture of him, but Charlie dressed up in this costume a little later.
We thought he looked like a lost boy from Peter Pan.


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Heather of Troy said...

Love the costume pics! Yes, Sophie is not as much into the posing as Jenna.