Friday, September 5, 2008

Naomi's First Day of School

Naomi's outfit choice for her first day of school. (I don't have any excuses for the reason this one is blurry. Oops)

"Take my picture too, Momma!"

Naomi's new classroom. It's kind of blurry because I was taking the pic while keeping one eye on Jacob and balancing Bethany on my other arm.

Naomi had a great first day of school. She wasn't super communicative in this video, but throughout the day I did get a fair amount of school info from her. She made a lot of new friends, including the daughter of a girl I met (and wanted to be just like when I grew up) at summer camp 17 years ago! She brought home homework--reviewing the short i and e sounds and the all the consonant sounds. During science they did something with a rocket ship; from what she said, it sounds like they built one with blocks. She wrote up and down lines with her new beginner pencils and she played on the play ground, getting her new boots dusty. Oh, and it wasn't her worksheet that had sparkles (it had matching exercises); her notebook has pink sparkles on it. She also played school with Jacob for a while before they went to bed and we heard a lot of phrases that her teacher must have used during the day including "All right, kindergarteners!" and "I can't do this in heels."


Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

LOL! Too cute. "I can't do this in heels." I love it. It's amazing what the pick up, isn't it? Congrats, Naomi, on your first day of school!!!!!

Lisa said...

School, wow, she is growing up! Although, I think Naomi kinda came out grown up. =) The heels comment cracks me up. That girl is sharp as a tack, I bet she will just love kindergarten.