Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quotes from Naomi

Naomi was in rare form with her funny quotes today! I thought you might enjoy a few of them.

Naomi, reading a "make and do" princess book--"Look, Momma, we can make a king and queen crown! Jacob could be the king and I could be the queen, and could be the servant!"

Naomi, reading an animal and insect book--(background: Eric, as in Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, has been a pretty consistent imaginary husband for Naomi. He can crop up in conversation at any time) "Momma, what kind of snake is this? (a Cobra) Oh, Eric was bitten by a Cobra. I was there and got to see it, but I didn't get bitten...Eric also got stung by a bee. AND he got caught in a spider web. It was really sticky. He was walking along and all the sudden was just wrapped up in it! Bitten by a snake, stung by a bee, and caught in a spider web! Isn't that awful! And did you know that Eric and I had a kitten which we don't have any more. It either wandered away and got lost or it met up with some wild dogs. But we got a new cat that had kittens--30 and 9 kittens! There are cats everywhere in our house."

I think the above monologue could have gone on for longer, but I was done with dusting that room and moved on to another. Naomi moved on to reading her book somewhere else. What can I say? Maybe we have the next J. K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter) on our hands. : )


Lisa said...

SOOO cute, servant Mama! She and Charlie need to get together and talk about Con (see my blog), and Eric. Ha ha, they could probably talk each others ears off.

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

I love little kid quotes. :) She has a very active imagination . . . I can't imagine where she got that! :) Thanks for sharing!